FCL6A 6" Adjustable Dimmable Retrofit LED Downlights

Product Description

These products are in accordance with CE, UL and FCC testing standards. FCL6A 6 inch adjustable dimmable retrofit LED downlights are an amazing combination of technical innovations, including breakthroughs in optical design, electronics design, mechanical design, and thermal management. FCL series LED downlights can deliver more uniform light output through the patented optics lens, and with high-efficiency driver placed outside, on-board jumper/cable to ensure protection against wiring errors, also they can be dimmable to 10% which ensures a proper light output that you desire. They employ overload protection which greatly improves safety and reliability, and FOBSUN's unique temperature control system built in them can prevent the inside components from overheating, also the built-in heat sensor can monitor temperature of the components, which significantly prolongs the real working lifetime of the LED downlights.

The 6 inch dimmable retrofit LED downlights utilize aircraft grade aluminum alloy as body material and patented frosted optics lens. They are suitable for architectural lighting applications. FCL series provide higher efficacy and longer life than Compact Fluorescent Lamps with the beautiful light quality that you would expect from an incandescent. The FCL series is available for the 277V version upon request and suitable for most US commercial applications. Compact module installs easily suitable for installation in standard-height rough-in sections, fits into most popular 6" recessed can housings. Also be available with a dedicated rough-in section for new construction.

Performance Summary

6a Recessed LED Downlights
  • Lamp head can be adjustable
  • Utilize Cree or Osram high power LEDs
  • Up to 35,000 hours lifetime
  • Lumen output: 1100lm (warm white), 1190lm (natural white), 1210lm (cool white)
  • CCT: 4,500-5,000K (natural white); 2,800-3,200K (warm white); 5,000-6,000K (cool white)
  • Full aluminum body and patented aluminum heat sink design ensure full heat dissipation
  • Patented optics lens design enables uniform light distribution and high CRI
  • Lower splay prevents dust and insects
  • Torsion springs greatly facilitate the installation
  • Different trim colors available upon customers’ requests
  • CRI for Warm White > 92, for Natural White and Cool White up to 85
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • 70 percent energy saving over traditional downlights

Unique Edges

  • High color rendering index;
  • Frosted optics lens diffuses more uniform light output without any dark areas and light spots;
  • Temperature control system prevents components from overheating;
  • Can be dimmable to 10% which ensures a proper light output
  • High efficacy of LEDs and high power factor of the lamp fixture, real energy efficient;
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No UV, IR and RF output, no hazardous materials, mercury free
  • Low carbon dioxide emission, eco-friendly
  • Fully CE & RoHS compliant

Data Sheet & Specifications for LED Bulbs


Input Voltage




Ambient Temperature

Beam Angle

Lumen Output


85-277V ac, 50-60Hz


D7.4*H5.8inch (D187*H147mm)

Aluminum alloy housing + aluminum heat sink

-10℃-40℃ (+14 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit)

70 degrees

1100lm (warm white), 1190lm (natural white), 1210lm (cool white)


Physical Specification

  • Full aluminum body and patented heat sink design
  • External constant drivers
  • Available trim colors: matt white, cuprum brushed, chrome brushed, baking vanish and nickel brushed
  • Lower heat, energy saving
  • Operating environmental temperature: -10 to +40 degree Celsius (+14 to +104 degree Fahrenheit)

Electrical specifications

  • Overload protection
  • Lower power consumption, power factor > 0.95
  • Conform to CE & RoHS standards

Optical specifications

  • CRI for Warm White > 92, for Natural White and Cool White up to 85
  • Color temperature standard: Natural White (4,500-5,000K), Warm White (2,800-3,200K), Cool White (5,000-6,000K)
  • No UV, IR and RF radiation
  • Brightness loss: 70% maintains after 35,000 hours
  • Light source: Cree or Osram LEDs
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