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Brand new 2G11 compact LED plug lights to directly replace Philips 2G11 fluorescents are available now. Compared with Philips fluorescents, the unique edges of the LED plug lights are their high lumen output and low power consumption due to the high efficacy of LEDs, plus patented PC lens and aluminum heat sink design to ensure comfortable light output and low running temperature. In addition, ultra wide 180 degree lighting beam is a highlight which enables the 2G11 LED lamps to achieve the same lighting effects as traditional fluorescents. Full compatibility with any existing 2G11 4 pin sockets greatly facilitates the installation of the LED plug lights into existing fluorescent fixtures. Developed by Fobsun Electronics Ltd, a leading global LED lighting products manufacturer and supplier, the new 2G11 LED lamps will become the optimal replacements for Philips and other brand 2G11 fluorescents.

2G11 compact LED plug lights

Fobsun 2G11 LED plug lights are the latest generation of lighting solution to replace the Philips fluorescent lamps with the same base. With high quality SMD LEDs as light source, they deliver ultra bright and comfortable light that you would expect from traditional fluorescent tubes. Any individual LED's failure will not lead to the failure of the whole lamp and other LEDs can still work normally. Compared with traditional fluorescent tubes, 2G11 LED plug lights are high energy efficient LED lighting fixtures which can save over 70% energy bills thanks to the high efficacy of LEDs and these LED lamps can start up instantly without any annoying buzzing noise.

Uniquely designed PC lens and aluminum heat sink with Fobsun's patented thermal control technology ensure not only uniform light distribution without any flickering, but also cool running temperature after long time lighting up. Dedicated LED driver is built in to ensure longer operating life and to minimize brightness deterioration. Ultra wide 180 degree lighting beam actually brings the same lighting effect as traditional fluorescent tubes. Compatible with any existing 2G11 4 pin sockets, these LED plug lights can be easily installed into existing fluorescent fixtures, just plug and play.

Fobsun 2G11 LED plug lights are available in 8 watts, 12 watts, 15 watts and 22 watts, and respectively they can directly replace 18 watt, 24 watt, 36 watt and 50 watt Philips 2G11 fluorescent lights.

Lighting source: SMD LEDs
Measurement: L2.0*W0.9*H8.9 inch (L50*W24*H227 mm), L2.0*W0.9*H12.7 inch (L50*W24*H322 mm), L2.0*W0.9*H16.4 inch (L50*W24*H416 mm), L2.0*W0.9*H21.3 inch (L50*W24*H542 mm)
Light output: 800lm+/-9%, 1200lm+/-9%, 1500lm+/-9%, 2200lm+/-9% typical
CRI: over 75 typical
CCT: 2800-3200K or 3800-4000K (Warm White); 5700-6150K (Natural White); 6150-6500K (Cool White) typical
Input voltage: 85-265v ac, 50/60 hz
Luminous efficacy: 90lm per watt typical
Power factor: over 0.90
Power consumption: 8w+/-5%, 12w+/-5%, 15w+/-5%, 22w+/-5%
Fittings: 2G11
Lifetime: 35,000 hrs
Beam angle: 180°
Materials: Aluminum + PC
IP Rating (Working environment): IP55 rating, indoor use, applicable for dry environment
Operating environmental temperature: -40℃ to +50℃ (-40℉ to +104℉)
Storage temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃ (-40℉ to +185℉)
Humidity (non-condensing): 5% - 95% RH

FOBSUN ELECTRONICS LIMILTED, a high-tech enterprise, founded in 2004, is professionally engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing energy saving products, and mainly specializes in designing, producing, distributing and licensing lighting emitting diode (LED) controllable digital decoration and illumination lighting systems, In 2004, FOBSUN established a factory as a branch of LED lighting devices in mainland.

FOBSUN's main products: LED T5 | T8 Tube Lights, High Power LED Downlights, Dimmable Retrofit LED Downlights, Dimmable Frosted LED Downlights, LED Light Bulbs and Household LED bulbs (MR16, GU10, E27, E14, E12, E26, G23, G24), PAR Style LED Lamps (PAR30, PAR38), LED Wall Washers (Round, Square, Linear, IP20 or IP65), Flexible LED Ribbon Strips (Standard, Resin, Silicone).

Our products have been widely applied for commercial and residential illumination, such as office, school, hotel, restaurant, library, display, decoration, industry & hospital and so on. Utilizing of high performance optical system, excellent heat sink and dissipation system ensures their best quality, and they feature the property of energy saving, long lifetime, and environment-friendly without any harmful radiation and glaring effects.

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